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My Other Buddy Devin

Mar 29, 2019

FEATURING JINGLE JONAH - we sit down with this world-renowned jingle maker extraordinaire and talk music. This man is descended from a literal DYNASTY of jingle makers.

It's all about music. It was always about music. It will always BE about music. 

Jonah was kind enough to bang out an AMAZING jingle just for us. We...

Mar 22, 2019

FEATURING HALLIE SHECK - we had a BULLY TALK with one of our favorite NOLA comedian / improvisers. We concluded that bullying made us who we are today (grown adults that would bully the child versions of ourselves) and that it's WRONG. 

We also talked about this crazy a** movie about ninja dragons (?) that I'm pretty...

Mar 15, 2019

FEATURING TREVOR KRAVITZ - we talk with this writer/actor/director/comedian/producer and founder of Frontyard Entertainment (sextuple threat imo) about philosophical breakthroughs on psychedelics, the storied history of St. Patrick's Day, and (on an unrelated note) green beer. 

Afterwards, DM & Trevor talk Grease 2 (the...

Mar 8, 2019

Today we have a very special guest, the foremost expert of celebrity artifacts, Margaret Whittingham! She tells us about her extensive collection of different celebrity memorabilia, how she got into the business, and also tells us about a very special gift she will recieve from Yoko Ono.

Mar 1, 2019

FEATURING BRIAN FAIRBANKS - the conversation begins with childhood dreams and aspirations and, naturally, it turns to conspiracy theories (because how ELSE could my life have turned out this way?!). 

The best part of this episode is Brian talking about his experiences working on Jesse Ventura's conspiracy theory show...