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My Other Buddy Devin

Mar 27, 2020

Day 47 of isolation. Everything fine. Still thriving. Life great. Love living. Everything good. Video games exciting. Movies good. Outside bad. Feelin fine. :)

also i lost the file for our original intro song (i WILL get that back soon) so i used the royalty-free track that reminded the most of Love Island UK


Mar 20, 2020

Hell yeah dude we're absolutely THRIVING during this period of social isolation. It rules. We love gaming, we love chillin with our boys (virtually), and we love eating canned spam. Holler at us if you wanna have a virtual happy hour. Unironically.

Mar 13, 2020

What up nerds? The Devins are currently barred up in our doomsday bunker trying to escape touching people, and we are running out of spam and monster energy drinks. If you are listening to this episode please send as many rations as you can to an open field nearby and we will have one of our assistants make trips...

Mar 6, 2020

We got drunk at D&D (both our characters had multiple confirmed kills and we wanted celebrate) and read some fan letters. Also, dear New Orleans Tourism Board: hire us to convince more people to come here and drink their lives away. Idk about y'all but we know where the REAL vampires live in this city!!