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My Other Buddy Devin

May 29, 2020

i didn't know it was ep 69 til it was uploaded lmao. anyway it's about working at restaurants in our early 20s, definitely basically restaurant confidential but with more ketamine references


May 22, 2020

***sorry for the audio issues - it was my (DM) fault. i'm a moron and i am punishing myself


hey guys it's our new youtube channel where we eat sephora makeup and talk about our rich husbands. i'm getting chargrilled oysters ubereats (my punishment)



May 15, 2020

bros...real ass shit went down this week. i think im pregnant....

May 8, 2020

man we've been watching so much looney tunes dude. we've been getting cinnamon toast crunch + milk postmated to our houses and are literally becoming caricatures of unemployed dudes. it owns 

we're gonna post the zoom link to the carousel of characters show that DH is in, STAY TUNED


May 1, 2020

Dude we're still quarantined and we're fine! it's hella fun to talk about high school and also our favorite shows. literally nothing is happening. email us at or just dm us dude. please holler. bro. holler. bro please holler. come on bro, just holler .whats good dude? wanna talk?...