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My Other Buddy Devin

Dec 27, 2019

It's that time again - that sweet time that we, as Americans, covet year round. It's like 4 days til the New Year, and we're all thinking about how we can better ourselves. It can be pretty tough to do alone.

Well guess what? We at Yeah Deed Media have a little lifehack that you probably never even thought about: you...

Dec 20, 2019

CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS TIIIIIIIME. It's fricken christmas time in the city over here at My Other Buddy Devin and boy are we having a good time. We are having fun trying to figure out what exactly constitutes being a "cuckold" and how much DH hates the holidays now that the government is making it illegal to smoke weed in a...

Dec 13, 2019

What would you do if you were part of the "upper echelon" of society? We decided we'd be the EXACT SAME as we are now, except rich enough to commit scientific ethics violations by cloning Rob Dyrdek over and over again. 



Dec 6, 2019

W**d marriage. Roommates. Party situations gone awry. Adam Sandler. We explore it all in this week's ep, and you're just gonna have to listen to find out. Say this phrase 3 times fast: I now pronounce you Nug and Hairy. 


Nov 29, 2019

It's thanksgiving guys and that can only mean one thing, time to traverse your family dynamic enough to be able to get christmas presents for "dirty santa". If you beat the final boss that is your MAGA grandpa, you officially become the head of the family and you have free reign over all family decisions for the rest of...