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My Other Buddy Devin

May 10, 2019

RAMBLE ON EP. 1: [description goes here]

Man we really went on a stream-of-consciousness rant here. It was really fun. Y'all will DEFINITELY laugh at this. There's a lot of gold in here. Just sit and listen for some gold. There's so much gold. Dude it's like the Gold Rush in audio form. There's a bunch of miners sitting outside with pans screaming about who gets to keep which nuggets. You gotta check this out to really get it. Literally dudes with beards and raggedy overalls on screaming about salted pork, which town to stop in before you try to ford rivers, and how all the members of their party died of Cholera. It's wild man. Check this out. You DEFINITELY want to caulk this river. Buy more salted pork, man. It's a long journey.